Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things to See and Do


It's warm in New York City. I'm happy about that. A couple of travel-and-blog-related updates:

  • I wrote a little piece for recently about what you should leave home when you travel. I wrote about one of my gorgeous-but-useless scarves. Or, useless isn't the word. Superfluous. In this circumstance.
  • I'm really happy to report that my blog posts are now appearing on the awesome site WorldReviewer. Please nose around there and read some of the other excellent writing. I think you'll enjoy.
  • I'm heading off to Ocean City, Maryland this weekend with some friends. Look out for posts about that little trip, plus more on Croatia and Sicily (as always) and maybe even a few tidbits about the lovely Apple herself.
  • I'm going to be moving this blog soon. I'll warn you in advance, don't worry.

Stay cool,

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dad-o-matic said...

I've been away from your blog for awhile. I'm happy to see you're getting some sponsorship and some well-deserved and over-due recognition!