Wednesday, May 27, 2009

That Would Be Helpful


Recently, someone made a really good point about this blog, and about travel blogs in general. As a writer of a travel blog, I probably should, in fact, tell people a little bit about how to see and do the things I describe here. Fancy that.

Although some things in this travel blog are probably great examples of things you should avoid while traveling, I will, in the future, include things like addresses (online and off) and phone numbers. If you stumble across an old entry that doesn't include this information and you want it, give a holler. I can add it, or send the information along to you. If I still remember it. Which I may not.

Incidentally, that photo is from Les Puces—the flea market—at Clignancourt in Paris. To get there, take the Metro 4 to Clignancourt, which is pleasantly difficult to pronounce.


Steve said...
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kitchendoor said...

Love that photo. Makes me want to dig my hands in.